Classes meet Sunday's at 9:30am


The Couples Class

Teachers: Chris & Amanda Thorne | Couples

Join Executive Pastor Chris Thorne and his wife, Amanda, as they journey with other couples through marriage and relationships. The breakfast is always delicious, the coffee is always fresh and the curriculum-based lesson is always applicable.

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The Young Adult Class

Teachers: Nick Mann & Alley Thompson | Young Adults

You are out of high school, in college or thinking about the next step in life. You are on the edge of a horizon of possibilities, wondering what God has planned for you. Join Nick & Alley as they look at what it means to be a disciple and follower of Jesus in your young adult years.

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Adult Bible Study Class

 Teachers: Jesse & Beverly Smith

Bro. Jesse Smith is a tremendous Bible teacher with a down-to-earth, relatable teaching style. Each Sunday, he teaches an interactive class about applying Biblical truth to our everyday lives.

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Adult Bible Study Class

Teacher: Harold and Sarah Munson

Bro. Harold Munson is an incredible Bible teacher with extensive knowledge of end-time events and the Creation account. Each Sunday, he teaches through current-day events and how they fall into God's timeline for man. 

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Adult Bible Study Class

 Teachers: Tim & Kippi Coley

Bro. Tim Coley is a gifted Bible teacher who is proficient in helping people establish relationships with other people. Each Sunday, he teaches an communicative class that shows the value in working alongside other people and showcases who we are in Christ.

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Discover Crossroads Class

Teachers: John and Alena Hash | New Christians and/or Prospective Members

Our associate pastor, John, and his wife, Alena, host a 2 week course for those who are newly saved and/or those considering memebership at Crossroads Baptist Church. This course delves into who we are at Crossroads, what we believe doctrinally as a church, and how our church opperates.

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