Kids classes meet Sunday's at 9:30am


TODDLER CLASS (2 and 3 year olds) | Teacher: Blair Sorrells

PRESCHOOL CLASS (4 and 5 year olds) | Teacher: Sandy Tomlin 

KINDERGARTEN - 1st GRADE CLASS | Teacher: Karilee Meaney

2nd - 3rd GRADE CLASS | Teacher: Scott & Donna Garrison

4th - 5th GRADE CLASS | Teacher: Alex & Andrea Piper

6th - 8th GRADE CLASS | Teacher: Brad & Jennifer Perdew

TEEN CLASS | Teacher: Manny & Nicole DeJesus

The main goal in all of our youth Sunday School classes...

We aim to give our kids a safe, reliable place to learn more about God's Word. Starting in our Toddler class and going through our teen class, our objective is to influence kids of all ages with Scripture. The classes are led by amazing teachers and are structured to meet kids at their level with age-based curriculum, activities and studies.