Welcome Home


 It's not just another church mantra. It's how we live.

We wholeheartedly believe that every person needs a church that they can call home. Every family, every marriage, every single adult and every student needs a place where they can escape the rigors of life and worship Jesus in the presence of those they call family. Having a church family that will pray for, support, challenge, edify, encourage and strive together with you is *absolutely essential* to the health of every Christian.

God has graciously given Crossroads an amazing and liberating spirit of hospitality, unity and freedom. From the moment you walk through the main entrance, it is our hope that you feel the presence of God through His people and the exaltation of His Word. It is our desire that you find Jesus and know the eternal life that only He can offer. It is our desire that you hear the Gospel preached and taught clearly. It is our desire that you find a place where you and your family can serve to advance the kingdom and work of God. It is our desire that you can just simply be you...

If you are looking for a new church home, come. If religion isn't your thing, come. If you have questions, come. If you have been hurt, burnt or broken, come. If you have grown up in church or never stepped one foot in an auditorium, come. Let's all take our next step in life together!

Our home is your home.
Welcome Home.