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Traditional or Contemporary?

This question is often raised when people want to know what style of music we sing. In complete sincerity, we don't try to answer *this* question with our musical choices and preferences. Instead, we strive to answer *this* question...

Biblical or Unbiblical?

We are incredibly thankful to God for the amazing Christian songs and hymns that have been written and handed down throughout the generations; we are also grateful that God is still leading people to write great, doctrinal songs and hymns! Time periods and preferences do not guide our music philosophy at Crossroads. The Bible does. If it is doctrinal, we will sing it. If it lifts up Jesus, we will sing it.

There is one other criteria we consider when singing music at Crossroads: Can the entire congregation sing it?

We LOVE congregational singing at Crossroads...

In fact, it is the primary style of singing we employ each week. There is something special about the entire local church body of Jesus singing in one accord to bring glory to God! (Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16)


If you are interested in serving in our music ministry, please CLICK HERE!