Master Clubs

Master Clubs runs parallel to the school year. We kick off each year of Master Clubs in August and conclude with a big awards night in May. During this time, all children are invited to learn Scripture, earn patches, sing songs and play interactive games in classes with other kids their age; children are encouraged each week to learn a new Bible verse at home with their families. These classes are led by capable approved volunteers who work together to provide an atmosphere of year-to-year growth for your child. Also, each Master Clubs year is highlighted by our Rubber-Duck River Race and Pine Car Derby. At each of these events, the kids decorate their rubber duck and build their own cars with the top winners taking home a big prize! 

BEGINNERS CLASS (PreK - K) | Teacher: Blair Sorrells. Click HERE to Register for 2023-2024

PRIMARIES CLASS 1 (1st - 2nd) | Teacher: Crystal Melius. Click HERE to Register for 2023-2024

PRIMARIES CLASS 2 (3rd) | Teacher: Nathaniel Figgins. Click HERE to Register for 2023-2024 

AMBASSADORS CLASS (4th - 6th) | Teachers: Jon & Rachel Hubler. Click HERE to Register for 2023-2024

Contact our Master Clubs Directors, Jon and Rachel Hubler, for more info!

Click HERE for this year's calendar events.

Click HERE to volunteer to serve in Master Clubs!